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CUSTOM - 230 Sea glass place cards - Mixed sea greens

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These large tumble glass pieces would be perfect as place cards for your special day; just add names! The glass has been tumbled which gives it the appearance of sea glass with rounded edges and frosted surfaces.

- 230 blank sea glass pieces (half dark and half light sea green)
- Various shapes
- All flat pieces
- Thickness varies
- About 3 inches or longer
- Edges may have some chips and/or scalloping
- Colour may vary slightly from the photos due to lighting and screen differences
- Pieces will be similar to those pictured

About Tumble Works

Hi, I'm Trisha! I'm the founder of Tumble Works. Working out of my home in Southern Alberta, I break and tumble glass to create (faux) sea glass. The tumbling process mimics the action of ocean waves and gives the glass rounded edges and frosted surfaces.

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Writing on Sea Glass

How do I write on sea glass?

Beginners may find that paint pens are the easiest option and they show up well on sea glass.

For calligraphers who use pointed pen, P H Martins bleed proof ink is a good choice.

Vinyl is another option if you have a vinyl cutter. Weeding the excess vinyl around the itty bitty letters can be time consuming though.

Permanent markers (like Sharpie) don't show up very well on sea glass (especially metallic permanent markers)

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