How To Order

How To Order

Are you looking for fast shipping, a custom listing, or the cheapest price? Here's how to get your hands on Tumble Works products!

I'll be on maternity leave from about the end of March to the end of April. During this time, I won't be accepting orders through the website or Etsy shop. Our Amazon store will remain open. 

  • Our website
    • Cheapest prices
    • Custom orders accepted (reach out through our contact form
    • Ships in 3-5 business days
  • Etsy
    • A smidge more expensive to account for Etsy fees
    • Custom orders accepted
    • Check out our reviews!
  • Amazon US
    • Most Tumble Works products are listed on Amazon US
    • Shipped by Amazon with expedited shipping options
    • Place cards are sold in sets of 20 (no custom orders)

By the way, if you've found your way over here from Etsy, please know that I'm not allowed to talk about my other selling channels through Etsy messaging. Feel free to use the contact form here if you'd like more information on buying through the website or Amazon.

Keep on tumbling!


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