Stacked blue sea glass pieces

What is Sea Glass?

Created by Man and Refined by Nature

Tumbled by the relentless motion of the sea, sea glass is a unique product of human creativity and the forces of nature. Bottles, dishware and other glass items thrown carelessly into the oceans of the world are broken and ground down by the sand and waves, frosting and rounding the glass. What was once garbage is transformed into treasure. 

Creating (faux) Sea Glass

Born and raised in Southern Alberta, I first saw the ocean as a teenager. My family vacationed for a week on Vancouver Island. In spite of a cold wind, I spent every moment that I could on the beach, head down, looking for treasures. I brought home just a few tiny sea glass shards and a love for sea glass that has stayed with me ever since.

I started Tumble Works to spread the magic of sea glass. I use the same 'formula' as the ocean to make my faux sea glass: broken glass, motion, abrasive and time. The glass is transformed from broken, sharp and shiny to smooth, frosted gems. 

Making something beautiful from something ugly never fails to make me smile. I hope it makes you smile too!

Sea glass pieces in a rainbow of colors


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