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CLEARANCE - Swirly Sea Glass Place Cards

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This listing is for 'swirly' sea glass pieces. The swirls are within the glass, not painted onto the surface. There's a total of 105 of the sea foam color (80 over 3 inches, 25 between 2-3 inches) and 75 clear/white (all over 3 inches). These are made from broken glassware so the pieces aren't totally flat but flat enough to use as place cards.

About Tumble Works

Hi, I'm Trisha! I'm the founder of Tumble Works. Working out of my home in Southern Alberta, I break and tumble glass to create (faux) sea glass. The tumbling process mimics the action of ocean waves and gives the glass rounded edges and frosted surfaces.

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Writing on Sea Glass

How do I write on sea glass?

Most paint pens work well for lettering on sea glass and are a beginner friendly option. Pointed pen calligraphy is another fantastic option for those with the skill for it. If hand lettering isn't your thing, you might consider cutting the names from vinyl using a vinyl cutter such as Cricut or Silhouette.
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